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My name is Courtney, I am the woman behind My Heart & Soul Collections.

I am a Mompreneur (Stay at home mom & Entrepreneur). I call it my crazy, chaotic, wouldn’t change if for the world life.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I was born and raised on a farm in SK, and have been in Alberta for over 10 years now, although I dream of back home lots, but Alberta is my new home
  • I have a terrible time sitting still, possibly because if I am not chasing & exploring with my kids, I am working on my passion, my clothing line, which has released something in me that I can’t explain, I wake up every day super excited to see what my brain can muster up.
  • My hobbies and other loves that I make sure I make time for are QUADDING, camping year round, anything to do with water, reading and painting abstract art.

I started this little business in 2015 when my son was 4 months old, and what an incredible journey it’s been, so much change, growth, learning and man oh man I can’t wait for what’s in store and I can’t wait to meet all of you, whether it’s through social media world and or in person some day.

So welcome to my life! I hope I can continue to create apparel & decor that speaks to you, that strikes up a conversation, to allow you to be okay with talking whether it’s happy, sad, frustrated, confused, business or in between without feeling like you have to filter yourself, because trust me when I say I won’t filter in our conversations, I won’t!