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Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night Out, oh boy where do I start!

I had this dream, which started as a side note of “one day I will…”, that started consuming my everyday thoughts. I spent every minute I could, planning, organizing, and collaborating with some of my absolute favorite local small businesses, so that I could give 45 beautiful woman a night out they would never forget. The purpose of the evening was to showcase MH&S Collections and what my company stands for; love, compassion, kindness, fun, beauty, pride and to provide a safe place for many who contact me to just chat about life. But more importantly, I wanted everyone to meet the girl behind the scenes. I wanted you all to get to know me and to hear in my voice my love for this small business; what I have poured my heart & soul into.

The night turned into more than I could have ever asked for. These pictures are for you to save for your memory and to do with as you please. As any small business would ask, if you are sharing these I kindly ask that you tag me to help spread the love.

To each and everyone one of you ladies that showed up for me, I am sure you can attest from the night how much it truly meant to me. There was sooo much, laughter, hugging, crying, new friendships formed and old friends meeting again after years of not seeing each other, networking, food, wine, pictures and soaking in a whole lot of love. You ladies took my dream and blew it out of the water. I hope all of you who where there that evening, enjoy the beautiful pictures, and for those who are viewing our night, get a glimpse of the fun we had.

I would like to say thank you to a lot of people. First off, my young kiddos for allowing me the space and time to organize this event. They have watched Mama from the day they were born hustling everyday. This business is apart of them too, but having them see me, be me, outside of Mom Life is incredibly powerful and rewarding in itself.

To the small businesses who provided me with pieces for the giveaway: Bath Bomb Envy, Late Night Pillow Co, Sweet Pea Canning, Wild Prairie Honey, Shawana Pierce Pottery, CWTCH & Co, Em and El Company, Customs by Kay, Flatlands Contracting, Universal Laser Designs & Her Rustic Roots. Also a huge thank you to Nicki & Dannielle for creating the most amazing charcuterie board, Sugar Mama Confections for the custom cupcakes & cookies, Universal Laser Designs for imprinting my logo on the wine glasses, Bboddy Photography for capturing the evening and lastly…. Lana at Prairie Grounds Coffee House for allowing me to use her space, for going over and above in helping me from day one, till closing.

I have been asking if I am doing this again, YES, YES, YES!

Courtney xoxoxo