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Who doesn’t love a cute sports bra, this gorgeous Criss Cross Style, is soft, has medium support, and my favorite part, removable padding. You can literally wear this with anything.

Color: Neon Yellow

Size Guide: Fits True to Size, I am a naturally Medium and am wearing a Medium in the sports bra that has medium hold. If you are interested in all pieces I am wearing a Small in the Black Top & Shorts & Medium in Capris Leggings


Do More Of What Makes You Happy – Have you ever noticed how you feel after you have taken time for yourself to do something YOU love to do, how you felt, how happy, relaxed and easier the day seemed. Yet we get caught up in the “routine of life again”. I challenge you all to do ONE thing a day of something you truly love to do, and if you are just beginning and not sure were to start, start SOMEWHERE, a walk, music, do something kind for someone else, and yes this may mean you are going to have to drop something from your “to do list” and either delegate or re-organize your time, but it’s so worth it.

I work extremely hard, always have and always will, but I also play really hard, what fills my bucket and what I spend my time doing when I am not (raising/playing/educating the kiddos) or (running my full-time business) is:

1.QUADDING – it truly fills my bucket

2. SWIMMING – put me near or in water and there isn’t a chance you can ruin my day, add friends in the boat or on the paddleboard with me and I am now on cloud nine!

3. CAMPING – I love the simplicity, the quiet, cooking a meal over the fire, sitting around the fire with friends & cutting wood, 

4. READING – my brain doesn’t stop creating new ideas for the house, activities for kids or my job, so this is an easy way for my brain to focus and escape into a world someone else created and once I start please don’t interrupt because I there is a 99% chance I will ignore you until I am done just one more chapter hahaha.

5. MY NAILS – I love going and getting fun new colors, designs on my hands and feet, it’s a place I can go alone or with friends, zone out and have someone else do something for me, that feels AMAZING and it makes me feel put together in the morning without me doing the work.

I am a HUGE believer in positive quotes being accessible and somewhere you can look to for that quick change in perspective to turn our day around, if you have met me you will know this is true as I have the word “grateful” tattooed on my hand as a daily reminder for myself to be proud of all my accomplishments over the years, and I truly reflect on it daily, it’s the best thing I could have done for myself, and it’s defiantly not the last.

These new pieces are meant to be for YOU. Not the world, not anyone else, but for you to reflect on. The placement is intentional, and elegant. I wanted to provide a piece to help you through your day, whether it be overwhelming, stressful, too much to handle, chaotic or just a plain hard day. in your life. You can sit back, grab a coffee, glance down and take a moment or as many as you need to put yourself back on track again (trust me it honestly works).

Color: Periwinkle Hoodie  – pairs well with jeans, leggings, shorts, jean jackets

Size Guide: True to size, I am wearing a Medium for reference.


This beautiful crochet lace bralette seriously checks all the boxes! Pull-over long line style for all day comfort.  V neckline, criss cross adjustable straps, and the perfect amount of stretch. Removable pads.

Materials: 60% Nylon, 40% Cotton



S: 32B, 43A, 43B

M: 34B, 34C, 36B

L: 36B, 36C, 38B, 38C

XL: 34D, 36D, 38C, 38D, 40B, 40C, 42B

2XL: 38D, 40D, 42C, 42D, 44C


These babies have arrived, and I AM IN LOVE. These look like jeans, but can assure you they are not, the material is a stretchy oh so comfy material, think leggings but in the form of a more formal look hahaha. They are bright, beautiful, stretchy and make your butt look INCREDIBLE (if that matters)

How to wear bright colors, confidence and just do it!!! Not sure what to wear with these colors here’s what I wear:

Neon Yellow: Navy, Black, White, Denim or if you are daring like me Royal blue.
Neon Pink: Black, White, Denim, or if you are daring bright yellow & Kelly green (it’s a lot, but so am I, so I can pull it off pretty easy hahah)
Mint: Black, White, Navy, Ivory, Grey, Floral, light pink

All can be worn with a cute Blazer or Jean Jacket

These beautiful bottoms have the most amazing stretch, are 76% Cotton, 20% Polyester & 4% Spandex with a Inseam: 30.5″

Size Guide: True to size, if you are more curvy on the bottom please size up, there is stretch to these

I recommend washing these in cold to keep the color vibrant, please wash by themselves the first time, in order to get this much color there is a lot of dye in them. Throw in the dryer low heat 🙂


Beautiful, easy to throw on and absolutely stunning in person. Perfect piece to wear at home, out and about and all through each season.

This piece pairs well with so many pieces you probably already have at a home: Jeans, leggings, white t-shirt, or brighten up with any combo of pink.

This Kimono can be worn all year around!

LOVE LOVE LOVE so much I already placed another order!

*Pregnancy Friendly*