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MH&S Collections Size Recommendations:

With respect to sizing each piece fits unique to its design, I take the time to ensure each piece is tried on to give you the most accurate description about its size as possible. Please note each body is beautiful and different and sizing can vary between people!
Within each product I give my recommendations as to how it fits, whether it’s true to size, size up or size down. If you do see one missing, please feel free to reach out and let me know, as I could have simply just missed it.
I do my best to gather as many pictures from clients as possible and we will start uploading “actual pictures” within product listings as I go along so you can see how it looks on an actual person.
I have done a few live videos as well showing casing fit, and will continue to grow the video catalogue with as many try on’s as possible. Stay Tuned for the Fall of 2022 as I will be allocating days where I can focus on this portion, when both kids are in school.