Slow Down & Breathe – Burgundy Hoodie


Slow Down & Breathe was inspired by my own internal thoughts and feelings. We live in a fast past society and if you take a look around you will see walking burnout everywhere. It’s okay to Slow Down & Breathe, to take a minute to enjoy the day instead of speeding through it to just get to another day, we have one life and one change to live, so if we all take a minute to pass and reflect on what makes us the most happy we would see a whole different way of life.

I am a HUGE believer in positive quotes being accessible and somewhere you can look to for that quick change in perspective to turn our day around, if you have met me you will know this is true as I have the word “grateful” tattooed on my hand as a daily reminder for myself to be proud of all my accomplishments over the years, and I truly reflect on it daily, it’s the best thing I could have done for myself, and it’s defiantly not the last.

These new pieces are meant to be for YOU. Not the world, not anyone else, but for you to reflect on. The placement is intentional, and elegant. I wanted to provide a piece to help you through your day, whether it be overwhelming, stressful, too much to handle, chaotic or just a plain hard day. in your life. You can sit back, grab a coffee, glance down and take a moment or as many as you need to put yourself back on track again (trust me it honestly works).

Color: Burgundy

Size Guide: True to size (Unisex Fit) I am naturally a Medium and stay with Medium as these will shrink a little when dried.


1XL, 2XL, 3XL, Lrg, Med, SM, XL


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